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Maps and Data Products

Each OER expedition compiles a large and diverse collection of scientific data, gathered from a variety of sensors and systems in a range of formats and media. Collection methods and processing steps must be fully documented and coupled with datasets for broad public access and for preservation in the long term data record. The OER data management team has developed an online map that provides central access to distributed OER data collections. Timelines for data release will vary due to process time as well as the need to respect intellectual property rights and to protect sensitive resources. Visit our map often for new data releases and updates.

Where in the world is Ocean Exploration ? Download One-Pager

Link to NOAA Ocean Digital Atlas
  • The OER Digital Atlas portal is an easy-to-navigate Google map application that answers this question!
  • Expedition locations are displayed on a global map, searchable by year, expedition theme or via a text-entry search.
  • Each color-coded dot on the map enables discovery of the unique, expedition-specific collection of data, information, education and outreach materials.
  • Directly access and download scientific data from distributed repositories, including NOAA archives, NOAA Library catalogs, and geospatial databases. Customized online Geographic Information System (GIS) tools visually integrate exploration data with other geospatial datasets. Additional expedition collections are readily added as they become available.

Follow the adventures of the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer

Link to Okeanos Explorer Ship Tracker Map
  • "America's Ship for Ocean Exploration," is on a course to be the only U.S. ship assigned to systematically explore our largely unknown ocean for the purpose of discovery and the advancement of knowledge.
  • While underway, information from the ship is displayed on a map alongside other, non-mission specific geospatial data. This map provides a picture of the ship's operational activities in near-real time. Information is later documented and saved in a geospatial database for planning and analysis.

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