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Hypoxia Research Coordination Workshop NCEI staff attend a variety of local, regional, and national events better understand the needs of the various communities. Staff also serve on committees of organizations including the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, the Southeastern Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association, and the Marine Metadata Interoperability Project. NCEI also provides support for meetings such as the Annual Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia Research Coordination Workshop.

NOAA-Northern Gulf Institute Diversity Internship

Internship Program NCEI is committed to NOAA's goal of increasing the number of students choosing education and careers supportive of NOAA's mission. In partnership with the Northern Gulf Institute, NCEI, created the NOAA-Northern Gulf Institute Diversity Internship Program to provide an exciting scientific educational opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students, with a particular focus on underrepresented groups. These internships provide career exploration in a variety of fields including coastal science, fisheries management, climate change, ecosystem management, engineering and socio-economic data analysis. The NOAA-Northern Gulf Institute Diversity Internship Program is funded by NCEI, the National Satellite and Information Service, the National Fisheries Service-Southeast Regional Office, and the National Weather Service (NWS) and supported by the Northern Gulf Institute (NGI).

For more information or to apply for the NOAA-NGI Diversity Internship, visit the program's webpage .


Metadata Training The Metadata Training NCEI provides assists scientists and agencies in creating records that allow information to be more easily found by researchers and the public. NCEI has provided training in the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Content Standard for many years and continues to do so. As many organizations transition from FGDC to International Standards Organization (ISO) standards , NCEI has developed a complete package of training materials for the transition to ISO metadata standards. Training is offered both in a classroom setting and online. Conducting training online is an innovative way to meet the increased demand for this training while controlling travel expenses.

Data in the Classroom

Data in the Classroom Data in the Classroom is an online resource for K-12 teachers interested in using real scientific data in their teaching. This website contains curriculum modules that demonstrate techniques for using real data in the classroom. NCEI is a collaborator of this NOAA-supported effort. Other NOAA Services for education which use data include Science on a Sphere website and the Ocean Exploration and Research Education website.