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The John C. Stennis Space Center is located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast on Interstate 10 at Exit 2, approximately 48 miles west of Biloxi, Mississippi, and 45 miles east of New Orleans, Louisiana.

As a secure NASA facility, visitors to Stennis must abide by the following:

Stennis Space Center Map Directions
  • Federal employees and contractors may use their Federal Common Access Card (CAC) for admittance to the Center under the current security setting.
  • Anyone without a CAC wishing to visit NCEI at Stennis must have a visitor badge issued upon arrival. Visitors should contact their NCEI sponsor and establish an arrival date and time so their names can be put on the list for Stennis admittance.
  • Must have a valid photo ID to receive a visitors badge. Foreign nationals must have their passports in addition to advance approval.
  • Please note that visits to NCEI and Stennis by foreign nationals require special advance arrangements, which can take up to 60 days to complete.
  • Stennis has two reception centers: one at the South Gate (located at the Interstate 10 entrance) and one at the North Gate (located off Interstate 59 at Highway 607).
  • Allow at least 30 minutes for visitor badge issue. Lines for badge issue may become long, depending on the time of day.

Directions To NCEI, Stennis Space Center, MS

Map Directions

NCEI resides in Suite 1003, 1021 Balch Boulevard, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi 39529. This map gives driving directions to NCEI in Building 1021 from the Stennis South Gate. Click on the map to enlarge.


There are five NOAA entities at Stennis Space Center.

Airports Serving NCEI Stennis Space Center

Lodging Information for NCEI Visitors

Stennis Space Center Tour Information

The Stennis Visitors Center has tours available for individuals or groups. Also, be sure to visit the NOAA Ocean Today exhibit at the INFINITY Science Center !