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Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

An informed society anticipating and responding to climate and its impacts*

Projected future climate-related changes include increased global temperatures, melting sea ice and glaciers, rising sea levels, increased frequency of extreme precipitation events, acidification of the oceans, modifications of growing seasons, changes in storm frequency and intensity, air quality, alterations in species' ranges and migration patterns, earlier snowmelt, increased drought, and altered river flow volumes. Impacts from these changes are regionally diverse, and affect numerous sectors related to water, energy, transportation, forestry, tourism, fisheries, agriculture, and human health. A changing climate will alter the distribution of water resources and exacerbate human impacts on fisheries and marine ecosystems, which will result in such problems as overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution, changes in species distributions, and excess nutrients in coastal waters. Increased sea levels are expected to amplify the effects of other coastal hazards as ecosystem changes increase invasions of non-native species and decrease biodiversity. The direct impact of climate change on commerce, transportation, and the economy is evidenced by retreating sea ice in the Arctic, which allows the northward expansion of commercial fisheries and provides increased access for oil and gas development, commerce, and tourism.*

*from the NOAA Strategic Plan, December 2010

Gulf of Mexico Data Atlas The Data Atlas provides NOAA and the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force and its partners an online, baseline assessment from which to formulate informed responses to the many stressors that exist within the Gulf's coastal and marine environments.
Joint Archive for Shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) Joint Archive for Shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) acquires, reviews, documents, archives, and distributes ocean current shipboard acoustic Doppler current profiler data sets.
The Joint Archive for Sea Level (JASL) The Joint Archive contains sea level data from various reporting stations.