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The Joint Analysis Group (JAG) for Surface and Sub-Surface Oceanography, Oil and Dispersant Data is a working group with membership from key agencies, including the:

The JAG was formed to analyze sub-surface oceanographic data being derived from the on-going coordinated sampling efforts by private, federal and academic scientists. The goal of the JAG was to provide comprehensive characterization of the Gulf of Mexico sub-surface conditions as well as the fate and transport of dispersed petroleum as a result of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.

The JAG is not a research group or activity, but is an analytical team. The JAG analyses were provided to the Unified Area Command (UAC) in direct support of the response efforts related to the subsurface monitoring and mitigation in matters such as the placement of booms, use of subsea dispersants, skimming activities, modeling requirements (parameters and locations), and any US informational needs.

Initial efforts of the JAG focused on the scientific review of the data observations made aboard research survey ships by NOAA, EPA, USGS, BP, and contract experts in relevant fields. The JAG processed data, provided quality control/quality assurance, and incorporated the results into visualization and mapping applications. As the data formed a clearer picture, the results were published in reports for the UAC and the public. External academics provide peer-review of the JAG findings.

Ocean Exploration The JAG developed a consistent set of data from which the analytical team drew information on depth, salinity, temperature, oxygen, fluorescence and oil concentration data. Other Oceanographic data sources included observations gathered by ocean gliders, acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCP), and shipboard acoustic data.

For additional information regarding the Joint Analysis Group see the charter and the membership list.

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