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Okeanos Explorer Ship Tracker Map

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Commissioned in August 2008, the NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer is on a course to be the only U.S. ship assigned to systematically explore our largely unknown ocean for the purpose of discovery and the advancement of knowledge.

NCEI created the Okeanos Explorer Ship Tracker Map for NOAA's Office of Ocean Exploration and Research . Okeanos Explorer Ship Tracker Map The Ship Tracker Map allows users to follow the course of an Okeanos cruise and to see the most up-to-date observations on an easy-to-use Google Map interface. A simple click on the Ship Tracker Map produces a pop-up window that gives the ship's coordinates at a particular time, as well as the oceanographic and meteorologic conditions measured. On some of the cruises, links to views and information about underwater features can be accessed from the map as well.