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NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheets

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NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheets were created to cover coastal regions of states and the two US territories that are particularly at risk from tropical storms and hurricanes. For ten years, we have provided NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheets as laminated, "one-stop" ready references containing phone numbers and Web site information residents can use during potentially life-threatening weather emergencies. Starting in 2016, we will provide NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheets via the Internet only. You may access the 22 available sheets as PDFs through the links below. Feel free to print, link to, and share the sheets.

NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheets (NEWIS)

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NEWIS is also available as a free app compatible with Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Search 'NEWIS' in the App Store.

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Since points of contact for various agencies change from year to year, NCEI annually verifies all contacts, phone numbers, and websites listed on NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheets. NCEI continues to monitor the information throughout the hurricane season and posts any updates on the appropriate PDF version.

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