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Summer Groundfish Survey Schedule

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The survey follows a predetermined stratified random survey designed to sample fish and invertebrates in trawls, bongo and neuston nets, and to acquire environmental data with an environmental profiler at stations located east of the Mississippi River and in the area between the 10 and 200 m isobaths from Brownsville, Texas eastward to the Mississippi River. The profiler is equipped with sensors to measure water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, and transmittance continuously from the surface to the sea bottom.

The initial leg of the 2016 summer groundfish survey is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, June 7th and will survey the area from Brownsville to Galveston, TX. Two additional cruise legs are planned for the area from Galveston to the mouth of the Mississippi River and off the coast of Florida.

Current Cruise Details last updated - May 6, 2016

Please Note - During the cruise, the schedule will be updated as required due to weather or equipment related delays.

Oregon II
Leg 1 Brownsville, TX to Galveston, TX
CTD Data Acquisition Planned Map Release
June 7-10 June 13
June 11-15 June 16
June 16-20 June 21
Leg 2 Galveston, TX to Pascagoula, MS
CTD Data Acquisition Planned Map Release
June 22-26 June 27
June 27-30 July 1
July 1-5 July 6
Leg 3 Pascagoula, MS to the Florida Coast
CTD Data Acquisition Planned Map Release
July 11-14 July 15
July 15-20 July 21