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Coastal Habitats and Ecosystems

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To start an interactive map, click on the Map column label. A new browser window will open with a visual display of data appropriate to the selected service. Users can zoom, pan, identify, search and even download data from these maps. JavaScript must be enabled and popup blocking must be disabled for these maps to function properly. For more information on the data included on any particular map, click on the Info column label. To access many of the data layers available in the maps from a REST service, click on the REST column label. The REST service allows data to be opened in Google Earth, ArcMap, or other applications, accessed as a WMS service, or exported in various formats such as kml or jpg.

Coastal Habitats & Ecosystems
Map Info REST Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
Map Info REST Coastal Ecosystem Maps - Gulf of Mexico
Map Info REST Gulf of Mexico Data Atlas