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Coastal Ecosystem Maps - Gulf of Mexico

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This mapping application contains many of the data layers from the Gulf of Mexico Data Atlas but in a format that allows more interaction with the data. Datasets can be viewed layered one on top of the other, unlike in the Gulf of Mexico Atlas where only one theme at a time is displayed in the format of a traditional map "plate."

The Coastal Ecosystem Maps also include model data such as sea surface currents, and overlays such as bathymetry and place names. Many data layers also have the ability to display attribute information when a feature in the layer is clicked on, similar to an Identify function in an ArcIMS application.

The Coastal Ecosystem Maps have data from all five Gulf States (Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas). Data layers are available in six topic areas:

  • Physical (e.g., bathymetry, climatology)
  • Biotic (chemosynthetic communities, aquatic vegetation)
  • Living Marine Resources (oysters, shrimp, grouper)
  • Economic Activity (shipping & navigation, oil & gas)
  • Environmental Quality (water quality, discharges)
  • Jurisdictions (marine, fishery closures)

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Coastal Ecosystem Maps - Gulf of Mexico