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Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) Digital Atlas Portal

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`Where in the world is Ocean Exploration?` The OER Digital Atlas answers this question with an easy-to-navigate map application using ESRI's ArcGIS Server technology. The application displays expedition locations on a global map and provides direct access to exploration data and information products.

The Digital Atlas is the central access point for end-users to directly access the distributed data and information products that result from ocean exploration, including the following:

  • The Ocean Exploration Education and Outreach website
  • Scientific data and information archived at NOAA data centers
  • The OER video and document collection, accessible from the NOAA Central Library
  • OER geospatial information, accessible from the National Centers for Environmental Information
  • Online GIS visualization, integration, and analysis tools
  • Peer-reviewed scientific publications
  • Education resources, including award-winning lesson plans

Exploration data are processed and added to the managed collections on a continuing basis, so information content associated with each expedition varies and is updated continually.

Please Note: You must enable JavaScript and disable pop-up blocking for the map to function properly.

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