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Okeanos Explorer Atlas

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The Okeanos Explorer Atlas is an interactive map application that uses ESRI ArcGIS server technology. The map features the expeditions of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research vessel Okeanos Explorer.

The Okeanos Explorer Atlas allows users to see near-real-time ship observations and location information. Products created during the cruise are available, such as CTD data, shaded bathymetry, dive tracks, highlight photos or videos, and status reports. Other data can be added to the map for reference, including Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) and Sea Surface Temperature (SST) contours (Climatology).

In addition to the Okeanos Explorer's current location, the map can also display past cruises and products as far back as 2008. Where available, local reference data related to a particular cruise may be added to enrich the display, such as bathymetry and project boundaries. For example, the 2010 INDEX-SATAL expedition (EX1004) includes the ship track of the Indonesian partner vessel, Baruna Jaya IV.

Please Note: You must enable JavaScript and disable pop-up blocking for the map to function properly.

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