Data Management During a Cruise on the Okeanos Explorer

During the cruise, streams of data including shipboard navigation and sensors, submersible navigation and sensors, multibeam bathymetric operational products, and low-resolution highlight video clips are delivered via telepresence over a satellite connection to a shoreside repository server (SRS) at the University of Rhode Island (URI). The OER DMT creates metadata for the video clips and saves the metadata with the clips on the URI SRS in near real-time. On the ship immediately after the cruise, much of the cruise data, including the navigation, oceanographic and meteorological sensors, multibeam and water column, and multimedia data are written to hard-drive and delivered to the University of New Hampshire (UNH) for post-processing of the multibeam data. After processing is complete, UNH delivers the hard-drive to the OER DMT at NCEI. Some data and operational data products are pulled from URI by the DMT for the Okeanos Atlas, a geospatial display, during the cruise.